Gardening chores are on hold – especially with the gift of rain we have been receiving. More important tasks are at hand – dressing your home for the holidays! We love to use fresh flowers, forced bulbs and rosemary to help fill our home with the fragrance of the holidays. Our favorite candle of the season the Slatkin candle in the balsam scent only adds to the unique aroma that the holidays bring.

Top Things to do in December

• Definitely time to get your tulips and other spring flowering bulbs in so they have time to put on healthy root growth for Spring – next month is too late. 

• This is a good time to add small evergreen shrubs and trees to your pots if you want them to look good through the winter months. The nurseries have a wonderful selection of them to choose from. 

• Water your flower beds, pots and flower boxes throughout the winter months – especially before extreme cold temperatures – dry roots don’t do well in extreme cold. 

• Now is a great time to plant new trees and even most landscaping plants – the nurseries are stocked to the brim with them. 

• Now that the leaves have fallen from your trees this is a good time to assess whether or not they should be pruned this winter as you can see their limb structure more clearly. 

• Enjoy the holidays outdoors by dressing your outdoor living areas with pillows and blankets in pretty wintery plaids and flannels – summer is over!

Began the forced blooming of these paperwhite bulbs only 3 weeks ago – our window not only looks festive and fresh…our home is filled with the intoxicating fragrance that only the narcissus bulb can provide.

I always incorporate rosemary into my seasonal styling. It is also highly fragrant especially when brought indoors. These paperwhites were started one week later so that I can have the gorgeous white blossoms through January.

We like “dressing” our home in greens to really bring the holiday feel into our home….as simple as draping some slash pine and pine cones around a chandelier.

Look to nature and your garden for natural tree ornaments…love the organic and natural contrast with all of the mercury glass and pearls.

Always looking for a way to incorporate treasured ornaments…here we have added them to the light fixture over our kitchen table.

Silver accents in front of antique French mirror! Peace on Earth…

Will always incorporate this treasured photo! Nora….

Happy Gardening -

All My Best -

From a gardening perspective, I thoroughly enjoy turning the page on my cute Karen Adams calendar to September. Maybe it’s just a mental thing….maybe it’s being worn out from all of the hand watering and fretting over my English Roses….but I’m just so glad September is here.

It never ceases to amaze me how plants almost immediately react to cooler / less humid weather. They perk up almost overnight as night time temps get back into the 60’s instead of the 80‘s. This perkiness on their part calls to me, and I am happy to go out into the flower beds and start cutting away at those brown leaves- those leaves that July and August left their mark on….fresh cutting, a drink of water, and milder temperatures suddenly our gardens look as though we live somewhere else…someplace that doesn’t have the terrible heat we endure.

It’s fun to look around and see what is really standing tall and looking good as we go into September and Indian Summer.

September Gardening Tips

Blanket flowers do really well in this part of the country and this is the time of the season when they look particularly beautiful. This crop of Gaillardia almost looks like someone got out a paint brush and painted them.

Gardening in September

Salvia “Victoria Blue” as a backdrop to penta and zinnias.

How to Garden in September

If you have read my blogs you know this is on my “top ten” must have in the garden list. Salvia “Victoria Blue” has bloomed all spring and summer and still looks perfect. Now the butterflies and hummingbirds are all over it! Most all varieties of salvias do really well in this part of the country, but I am in love with this tall true blue flower in my garden tapestry.

Tips for Gardening in the Fall

This deep rose penta also looked good all summer – the hummingbirds seem to love this plant. Oddly I lost every single white penta – I’m thinking too much rain in May….won’t plant it again in my beds.

September Garden Tips

New to my flower beds this year is this charming zinnia. I was very skeptical when I planted it, as my zinnias always get powdery mildew and I don’t like that in my garden. Anyway , I have not touched this zinnia – I haven’t cut it back one time – and it has bloomed non-stop from the beginning of late spring and it looks like it’s going to bloom strong until I have to pull it out to plant pansies.

How to maintain your garden in september

Look at the health of the leaves – July and August had no impact at all on this plant. To say that this is a new plant on my must-have list is an understatement – yeah a new plant!

Garden Tips

Love the way my garden tapestry looks along my cobblestone walkway.

September Garden Tips

Periwinkle blue Plumbago looking even better than when it was planted in late spring. Tall enough by the end of summer, it towers above most of the plants in your flower bed the wind will gently toss those beautiful clusters of periwinkle blue which only adds interest to Plumbago.

September Gardening Tips

It really does thrive in the heat and full sun and often looks the very best this time of year.

Gardening Tips for September

This white guara towers above my 2 plus feet Angelonia!

How to garden in September

This plant has also looked good all summer and it’s just wonderful that it is still looking so good – like butterflies moving around in the wind. Perfect plant at the rear of your plantings where they can stand tall – and also get a little support from plants in front of it.

How to garden during the fall months

Of course you know lantana loves the heat – so it has continued to grow and thrive through July and August and now just looks really full and lush with lots of flowers – I put this lavender variety in my flower box at the end of June knowing it would take the heat – it looks good and did the job I wanted it to do.

September Garden Tips

Daisies & White Penta

I don’t have a photo to show you …. sadly I lost about 25 plants of daisies and several flats of white penta. I think it was a water issue – probably too much vs. to little….won’t be on my list next year. I really hate it when I lose so many perennials. On the other hand I had about 35 Stargazer lilies – and they were outstanding in June!

How to garden during september

This is “Abraham Darby” and “Henrii” clematis using the rose as a natural trellis.

Gardening in September

These English roses were planted last spring.  I am quite certain by mid-summer next year the copper wire supports will be filled with their foliage and hundreds of fragrant roses.

Gardening during September

Nearly every month I encourage you to support your climbing roses and vines. My roses have grown all summer even during the hottest months of the year. I am positive they do this because my wonderful husband will go out on Sundays and add more copper wire to the rose “cages” he has constructed. Next month and even in November, I believe we will see some beautiful English roses and even a few errant flowers of the various clematis I have growing amongst them. I will post pictures if they do….

Top Things to do in September

  • Take a break from daily container watering!
  • Turn back the sprinkler a few notches….less water is okay now.
  • Do some garden clean-up – make your garden look like July and August were not that hot!
  • Continue to support your roses and climbing vines.
  • If you are a true gardener – you have already scouted out the nurseries for some new provisions….it’s a great time to replace casualties of the summer weather / and long vacations away from your garden.
  • Assess your garden design and plant selections – this is a good time to jot down notes from your summer successes and failures.
  • Enjoy the hummingbirds and butterflies - your garden should be a swarming with them.
  • Place your tulip and spring bulb order for best selection.
  • Start planning for the fall garden chores – October is just around the corner.

Happy Gardening -

All My Best -